About Us

“The Centre”

As they began working in the field of canine rehabilitation, both Keri and Barbara quickly realized that there is a great need for these services in the Niagara Region. They also found that there were limitations to their abilities to provide these services on their own and in their current venues.

A chance meeting at a rehab conference in early 2015 showed them they had a similar passion for rehabilitation therapy and vision for a dedicated animal rehabilitation facility. The Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre opened on February 1, 2016, and is the first full-service rehab-only facility for pets in the Niagara Peninsula.

Dogs and cats alike will benefit from the expertise and collaboration of therapists from both sides of the field and a facility which enables them to exercise year-round.

Although it says canine in the name, we love our feline friends, too. We’ve even treated a couple of birds and goats, a rabbit, and a lamb.
Regardless of species, if your pet is having a pain or mobility issue that is affecting its quality of life, please contact us and we will let you know if we think we can help.