Appointment Types

Initial Rehab Assessments

Will be scheduled with one of our certified rehab therapists. These appointments typically take 60-90 minutes, depending on how many issues the patient has. The therapist will go over your pet from head to tail and do thorough assessments of the musculoskeletal and neurological systems.

Once they have identified all of your pet’s issues, they will discuss your rehab goals with you, form a treatment plan and provide your pet’s first treatment.

Follow-Up Rehab Assessments

Will be scheduled with one of our certified rehab therapists. These appointments typically take 20-30 minutes and involve a brief exam (sometimes with rechecking of measurements), multiple treatment modalities and a therapeutic exercise session (depending on the patient).

Initial Senior Assessment

Will be scheduled with one of our certified rehab therapists and are for older dogs and cats that meet a specific set of criteria for admission into our SENIOR CARE PROGRAM (to be determined by your therapist).

It is typically 45-60 mins. long and follow-up appointments are 20- 25 mins. in length. The therapist will go over your pet from head to tail and assess the musculoskeletal and neurological systems.

Once they have identified all of your pet’s issues, they will discuss your rehab goals with you and provide your pet’s first treatment.

LASER only

Will be scheduled with our trained assistants and will consist of LASER treatment only. These appointments are less than 15 mins in length. Time permitting, the assistant may do a few exercises in the gym with your pet. Assistants are not qualified to comment on your pet’s condition or to assess any changes. If you have any concerns, would like any measurements repeated or need to speak with a therapist, you will need to schedule a FOLLOW-UP REHAB appointment.

Rehab Fitness

This appointment type is for those patients still needing to build strength and muscle following injury/surgery but no longer in need of pain relief or tissue healing modalities. They are scheduled with our fitness counsellor and are 15-30 mins. long, depending on the pet’s stamina. Clients may choose to observe these appointments but do not have to be present.

Nutrition/Fitness Consults

Will be scheduled with our certified fitness and nutrition counsellor. Nutrition only consults can be done by phone/email however, we do recommend combining nutrition with fitness. Weight loss programs will be more successful if you are coming in for regular measurements, weigh-ins and exercise. Our counsellor will discuss your goals for weight loss and/or conditioning with you and formulate an individualized feeding and/or exercise program for your dog/cat to achieve those goals.


A qualified staff member will take your dog into the pool to work on strengthening and movement. This may be done as part of a regular follow-up appointment or as a stand-alone treatment, depending on what your therapist prescribes.


A certified massage therapist will give your pet a full body massage, paying special attention to any problem areas. Appointments are typically 30 mins. but can be made longer, if necessary.

Brace Casting/Fitting

For custom braces, as cast must be made of the limb/joint to be braced so that it fits your dog/cat properly. Our trained staff will do the initial casting for you. When the finished brace arrives, we will schedule an appointment for our staff to fit the brace on your dog and make any minor adjustments necessary to ensure a proper and comfortable fit.

Wheelchair Fitting

We carry adjustable wheelchairs from Handicapped Pets which can be rented or purchased. You can choose to fit it yourself or have our trained staff members do it for you.


Historically, dogs with injuries and those who have had surgery have been instructed to stay in a crate for weeks in order to heal. More recently, owners have been questioning this practice as many have had similar surgeries themselves and were then sent to physiotherapy. It requires a holistic approach to diagnose and treat the original injury as well as secondary conditions resulting from compensatory mechanisms.

It combines therapeutic exercises with manual therapies like massage & joint mobilizations and various modalities such as heat, cold & LASER to speed the healing process, help regain proper function and rebuild lost muscle mass.

Programs are tailored to each individual depending on their needs and abilities. Rehabilitation practices can also be applied to the fitness and conditioning of athletic/working/show dogs to improve stance, stamina and performance.

Common Conditions Treated

Hip Dysplasia
Post orthopaedic surgery (e.g. cruciate repairs, hip surgery, patellar luxation)
Limb amputation
Elbow Dysplasia
Shoulder OCD
Disc disease (IVDD)/Spinal Injuries
Sporting Injuries/Soft tissue injuries
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
Wound healing/post-op incision sites
Chronic pain

Treatments Available for Pain and Healing:

Manual Therapy

This is a collection of techniques used to increase range of motion in joints, increase production of joint fluid, reduce pain in joints, relieve muscle spasms, and return functional mobility to joints. It can be used on all joints in the body, including the spine, and involves gentle mobilizations, compressions and occasional manipulations.

LASER Therapy

LASER uses infrared light to reach deeper tissues and stimulate damaged and inflamed cells to heal faster and more effectively. It also causes the release of natural pain killers in the treated tissues. It is used for post-surgical pain and inflammation, sprains and strains, ligament and tendon injuries, and chronic joint pain.


This form of therapy involves careful placement of tiny needles at specific trigger points and reduces pain by stimulating the release of endorphins. It is used in many conditions for pain relief and often in conjunction with other modalities and exercises.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves to penetrate deeper into tissues to increase the blood supply to the injured area and decrease inflammation. Certain settings also provide heat therapy to deeper tissues, which helps to improve muscle flexibility/stretching. It is effective in acute soft tissue injuries, chronic inflammation, scar tissue adhesions, muscle injuries/contractures, hematomas (bruising), tendonitis, and ligament injuries.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

Electrical stimulation of muscle fibres is used to cause the target muscle to contract in order to increase its strength and to maintain some level of function in a limb that is not being used. This is used in severe cases of muscle wasting due to injury or prolonged non-use of a limb to rebuild the muscle so it can be useful again. E-stim is useful for retraining muscles with severe nerve damage resulting in little to no natural stimulation of the tissue. It can also be used to reduce edema (swelling due to fluid build up) in immobile limbs.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

Like E-stim, TENS is a form of electrical current that is passed through the target tissue to stimulate the release of endorphins for pain relief. It does not result in a muscle contraction. This form of treatment is excellent for chronic pain conditions, especially in the spine.

Massage Therapy

A variety of techniques where the soft tissues of the body are kneaded, rubbed, tapped, and stroked to help relieve muscle tension, stress and pain, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation.

Therapeutic Exercise

An individual exercise program will be developed for your pet. Exercises will be given to target individual muscles or muscle groups to improve strength and co-ordination of the muscles. Exercises will improve the weight-bearing ability of your dog post-surgery or post-injury, facilitating its return to normal activities.


Another important aspect of rehabilitation is fitness conditioning. The key to injury prevention is keeping your pet active and healthy, which includes maintaining him/her at a healthy weight.

This becomes even more important for dogs with jobs and those who compete in sports and/or conformation. At “The Centre”, we will work with you to develop an effective fitness program for your pet. Our facility also allows you to exercise your dog regardless of the season or weather…no more winter couch potatoes!

Treatments Available for Strengthening and Conditioning

Hydrotherapy (18’ x 10’ pool)
Core Strengthening
Individual Exercise Programs/Cross-training
Weight Loss Programs

Additional Services

Nutritional Counseling
Online Exercise Solutions
Assistive Devices
Home Visits
Supplier of Soft Braces by Therapaw
Orthotic Devices Provided by Canine Orthotics

Pricing (HST not included)

Initial Canine Rehab Assessment
Follow Up Rehab Appointment
Rehab Additional (15min)
Initial Rehab Package
Incl IRA and 7 follow up appointments, save $72.50
Follow Up Rehab Package
4 follow up appointments, save $28
Surgical Program Assessments
Prehab assessment and post-surgical assessment for those prior to surgery or those a couple days post-surgery
Initial Feline / Puppy Assessment
Initial Senior Pet Assessment
Follow Up Senior Appointment
Senior Initial Package
Incl. assessment and 3 follow ups, save $48.10
Senior Plus Initial Package
Incl. assessment and 3 follow ups, 1 massage, save 57.80
Follow Up Senior Package
4 follow up appointments, save $28
LASER / US Only (15 min)
LASER / US 4 Package
Save $20
LASER / US 8 Package
Save $44
Rehab Fitness Session
Rehab Fitness Sessions x 4
Fitness/Weight Loss Assessment
Follow Up Fitness/Wt Loss (15 min)
Massage Therapy (30 min)
Massage Additional (15 min)


Pre Swim Exam
Includes a 5 min swim
Pre Swim Other Dog Same Family
Bathing Surcharge
15min with Assistant
15min Swim 1 Dog
15 min x 6 Swims
6 Swims pay for 5
30 min Swim Up to 2 Dogs
30 min Swim Additional Dog
30 min x 6 Swims
6 Swims pay for 5
60 mins Group/Team Pool Rental
Maximum 3 dogs in the pool swimming at one time but dogs can be rotated in and out up to 8 dogs
Gym Orientation with Assistant
Treadmill or Gym (15 min)
Treadmill or Gym 15 mins x 6
Wheelchair Fitting
Wheelchair Rental / Month
Harness Fitting
Custom Brace Casting/Fitting
Assisi Loop Rental / Day
Day Boarding
House Calls
Travel surcharge + initial assessment or follow-up fee
Outside the radius of St. Catharines (Lake Ontario-Welland Canal-Glendale Ave.-Vansickle Rd.)


“The Centre” is excited to have an 18’x10’x4’ above-ground, lion-tested pool which can be used for multiple purposes. Our rehab patients who will benefit from hydrotherapy will be treated in the pool with a therapist at their side. Fitness patients will be able to schedule pool time to swim at their leisure. The pool can also be rented for parties and team/group swims.

Pool rules:

1. No pet owners in the pool.
2. Sorry, but your pet can’t swim if it has a skin infection, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, or incontinence.
3. Dogs must be clean before they get in the pool (if you forget to do it before you come in, we have a shower station for you). If your dog is shedding, please brush thoroughly before swimming.
4. ALL dogs must be evaluated to make sure that they are safe to swim before they use the pool.
5. Please, make sure your pet has relieved itself outside prior to swimming. If your pet has an “accident” in the pool room, please inform a staff member immediately so that it can be cleaned properly.
6. Do not allow your dog to run up and down the ramp once it is wet. Dogs should be kept confined to the pool/upper deck until you are ready to leave.

We offer a variety of prepaid packages for the gym and pool, please contact the Centre for details. All visits must be pre-booked by phone.
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