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Welcome to the Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre
“The Centre” is the first and only full service rehab-only facility for pets in the Niagara Peninsula.

Dogs and cats alike will benefit from the expertise and collaboration of therapists from both sides of the field and a facility which enables them to exercise year-round.
Our Mission
We are committed to helping you enjoy your pets for as long as possible by keeping them fit and active. When sick or injured, we will work with you to get your pet back to doing the things you love to do together as quickly as possible. Consider us a part of your pet’s “Quality of Life Care Team”.
What is Rehabilitation?
Rehabilitation or Physiotherapy, as we know it in human medicine, has been around since the early 1900’s. It has only recently become part of animal care and is, perhaps, one of the fastest growing disciplines in veterinary medicine. When your pet has an injury, surgery or a neurological condition which affects its ability to function, rehabilitation is essential for recovery and return to normal activities. Rehabilitation practices can also be applied to the fitness and conditioning of athletic/working/show dogs to improve stance, stamina and performance.
What’s New

Dear valued clients,
We are grateful to be considered an essential service for the sake of our patients and their people. However, we also feel that it is our duty to make sure that our staff and our clients are kept safe during this uncertain time. In the interest of being able to continue providing care to our patients, we have decided to further modify our policies. We appreciate your cooperation in the implementation of the following strategy:

  1. We will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays only until Easter, with the exception of this week being open Friday instead of Thursday. Both Keri and Barbara will be working on both days. Carlea will be available for massages on Tuesdays. OUR HOURS WILL BE 10 AM-5 PM. However, we will add appointments later in the day, if necessary.
  2. NO CLIENTS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. When you arrive, please call us from the parking lot to let us know that you are here. We will let you know when it is safe to bring your pet in. We ask that you bring your pet into the vestibule between the doors. Set the carrier down or remove your dog’s leash and step back outside; make sure the door is closed so your dog doesn’t get out. We will open the inner door and have your dog come to us or pick up the carrier. If your pet has special treats, bring them in a bag which can be hung on the coat rack. Please email us any details of your pet’s condition prior to the appointment or tell us over the phone when you arrive. We will be staggering appointment times so that there is no overlap for drop offs or discharges. All door handles will be thoroughly sanitized between patients.
  3. PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE BY CREDIT CARD OVER THE PHONE. If you do not have a credit card, please let us know ahead of time so that we may make other arrangements for payment.
  4. The pool and gym will remain closed until further notice.
  5. We are limiting appointments to patients receiving treatments for pain relief and/or to facilitate the healing process. There will be no fitness/conditioning/weight loss only appointments and we will not be doing any therapeutic exercises in the clinic. We will be relying on owners to be more diligent in their home exercise programs at this time. Monthly maintenance patients may also choose to delay treatments, provided your pets are doing well.
  6. Clients who have travelled in the 2 weeks prior to their appointment, are feeling ill (regardless of whether they have COVID-19) or have been in contact with someone who is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 will need to find someone else to bring their pet to us or cancel their appointments. THERE WILL BE NO PENALTIES FOR LATE CANCELLATIONS DURING THIS TIME.
  7. On RARE occasions, we may require a client to be in the building with their pet. Only 1 person will be allowed in and you will be expected to follow all directions given by staff members. Please, respect the social distance recommendation of 6’ at all times.
  8. If you are uncomfortable with any of these regulations or are still concerned about the risks to yourself and your family, we fully understand if you wish to cancel your appointment for the time being. Again, there will be no penalties for late cancellations.
This may seem extreme however, should one of us become ill, we will have to close. Our sincerest gratitude for your understanding and cooperation during these uncertain times.

Keri, Barbara and the NCCC staff

Upcoming Events
Wednesday Mar 25. - Friday Apr 10: OPEN TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS ONLY

Friday, Apr. 10: Closed for Good Friday

Saturday, Apr. 11: Week #6, Senior Fitness Class, 2:30 p.m.

Saturday, Apr. 18: – “Paint Your Pet” Party by Wendy Malowany, POSTPONED

Monday, May. 18: Closed for Victoria Day