Custom Solid Braces by K-9 Orthotics (Made in Canada)

Casting and fitting are done at The Centre. The most common braces made by K9 Orthotics are:

  • Stifle
  • Elbow
  • Hip Orthosis
  • Hyperextension or Hyperflexion for Carpus or Tarsus
  • Rigid Carpal or Tarsal Orthosis
  • Articulating Carpal or Tarsal braces
  • Controlled ROM Carpal or Tarsal Orthosis

Custom and Standard Soft Braces by TheraPaw Canada

  • Measuring and fitting are done at The Centre.
  • Mild to firm support carpal and tarsal braces
  • Carpal and Tarsal Sports Wraps

Help ‘Em Up Harness

The Help ‘Em Up Harness is an unique, full-body lifting device that enables owners with aging dogs to help those dogs remain active when arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle loss, or surgical repair impairs a pet’s mobility and physical strength for every day functions – from getting up off the floor, up and down the stairs or in and out of cars.

Veterinary neurologists and surgeons, rehab therapists and technicians use and recommend the harness for dogs rehabilitating after surgery or recovering from injuries.

By placing handles over the hips and the shoulders, the Help ‘Em Up safely lifts from underneath the chest and pelvis, allowing you to help your dog get up and perform other tasks of daily living without putting pressure on the sensitive organs in the abdomen.

By using the handles on the harness, it allows you to lift your dog without putting too much stress or strain on your own back. The harness is comfortable enough to be worn all day and machine-washable if it gets soiled.

Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs by Handicapped Pets

These wheelchairs are fully adjustable, enabling us to fit them to any dog, cat, rabbit or even a goat! They are sturdy and can go anywhere, including the beach to wade in the water (no swimming!).

You can even get skis if you and your dog like to hike in deeper snow. Full kits are available for purchase and we also have a rental program for those who may only need their carts for the short term.

At NCCC, we often use the carts like walkers are used for people when recovering from spinal cord injuries and needing to learn how to walk again. We offer complete fittings and are able to order any special accessories you might want/need for your cart.

The Assisi Loop

The Assisi Loop provides targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF) therapy. Assisi’s patented targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF™) signal delivers a micro-current to damaged tissue that is precisely tuned to trigger an animal’s own natural anti-inflammatory process.

The electromagnetic signal, which is one-one-thousandth the strength of a cell phone, stimulates cellular repair by upregulating the body’s own production of endogenous nitric oxide (NO). Enhancing nitric oxide, the body’s anti-inflammatory molecule has several biotherapeutic effects depending on the target tissue and the specific characteristics of the tPEMF waveform used.

The Loop is often referred to as a NPAID (non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory device) and is a great tool for treating chronic pain conditions such as arthritis as well as acute injuries as it also speeds healing. When used properly, a single device will provide a minimum of 150 treatments.

Why choose 4Cyte?

It has long been known that New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels (NZGLM) are beneficial in treating arthritis. Veterinary Researchers in New Zealand have learned that it is actually a specific group of mussels growing in a small area off the coast of New Zealand that have the right combination of properties to improve the symptoms of arthritis in animals. Given the small size of this population, sustainability is a major concern, so these researchers started to look for ways to reduce the amount of NZGLM required in a supplement. They found that by adding abalone and marine cartilage, they could obtain the desired results while using less NZGLM.

They also discovered a plant extract, EPIITALIS, which comes from a cedar-like tree that grows in New Zealand. Prior to this discovery, joint supplements could only hope to manage the symptoms of arthritis. This extract has been found to have disease-MODIFYING properties, meaning that we now have a supplement that not only manages but TREATS arthritis. Epiitalis stimulates the production of new chondrocytes in inflamed joints, enabling the production/repair of cartilage, the important cushion layer of joints which is damaged and lost as arthritis develops. It also suppresses the inflammatory mediators that cause pain and impair function in these joints.

4Cyte has the potential to be a game changer in many patients with joint disease. It can be used at any age and is safe to use with prescription medications. It is even recommended for growing large and giant breed puppies to support joint health as they grow. It will help protect joints in sporting dogs. It can facilitate healing after joint surgery. It can provide pain relief and improve joint function in arthritic dogs, cats and horses.

Why choose MYOS?

Myos is a dietary supplement that supports muscle health using a unique formula of fertilized chicken egg yolks called Fortetropin®. The company’s patented process preserves the biological integrity and bio-activity of nutrients in egg yolks. When muscles are damaged (injured), myostatin levels in the body increase. Myostatin is a protein that is responsible for preventing excessive muscle growth and development, which is important in young animals but less helpful when trying to rebuild muscle after an injury and/or prolonged periods of reduced activity. These levels also tend to increase as animals age, contributing to loss of muscle tone and strength in seniors. Fortetropin is considered a natural myostatin-reducing agent, which makes it a useful tool for restoring muscle mass in injured animals and senior pets. It can also be helpful in conditioning programs for working/sporting dogs to block the inhibition of muscle growth. It is available in canine, feline, and equine formulas. Research has shown benefits in injury recovery and osteoarthritis management for dogs and cats with chronic kidney disease but there are many other uses. Research also shows that better muscle health leads to better mobility, vitality, and quality of life. For more information, check out the website or contact us for details on the products available in Canada.

GLUCO-BITES by UbaVet are soft chews that contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Green Lipped Mussels and Omega-3 Fatty acids in a treat form that dogs and cats love.

They help your pet by supporting joint structure and function, flexibility, renal and cardiovascular function, as well as being great for the maintenance of a healthy skin and coat. For dogs and cats of all sizes and ages.


Why would a pet rehab clinic recommend and carry a dental chew? A majority of our patients enjoy their dental chews but these chews are typically high in calories and are mainly composed of flour. Since many of our patients also have weight issues and would benefit from weight loss, this is typically the first thing we instruct our pet parents to stop feeding them. Of course, they worry about their pets’ teeth without them. Then we found Yummy Combs. Yummy Combs is the world’s first, and only science-backed, patented, award-winning dental treat that safely removes hardened tartar. Yummy Combs, with its superior nutrition, is complete and balanced, grain-free – NON-GMO and gluten-free. These chews are an amazing 44% protein, contain 8% less starch than other chews, and have 46 ingredients in the proper proportions to support overall wellness in your dog. And that’s why our dogs love them! You can learn more on their website or stop in at the Centre to purchase a sample before committing to a full bag.

TubbyK9 Tasty Treats

Locally made with 100% human grade ingredients, providing quality and sustainability in healthy dog treats with a taste sensation that would make any dog go wild! These treats are single ingredient, chemical-free, additive-free, drool-worthy and available in several flavours, which makes them a great choice for dogs with allergies, sensitive stomachs and weight problems.

FitPaws Canine (and Feline) Exercise Equipment

Whether they are recovering from an injury/surgery or just want to get/stay fit, animals of all shapes and sizes are able to get a complete workout using FitPaws Exercise equipment.

FitPAWS is committed to improving product quality, new product design, supporting canine events, businesses, athletes and developing educational programs aimed at improving the way we understand canine fitness, conditioning and rehabilitation. Since dogs are different from humans, they have researched and developed a new product line specifically designed for canines.

Professional-grade, heavy-duty, phthalate-free materials were developed to meet dog-specific standards to support the quadruped stance and reduce the risk of damage to the equipment by strong nails.We offer a selection of products for purchase to aide in therapeutic exercises for our patients at home and for any pet owner looking for a way to exercise their pets indoors when the weather is poor or to give their pets a more targeted workout.

Teaching your pet to do specific exercises using fitness equipment is a fun challenge for both of you and a great way to strengthen the bond between you.FitPaws no longer sells directly to the consumer so, prior to placing any FitPaws orders for ourselves, we offer the opportunity to the general public to place orders through us so that you can get exactly what you want as we don’t always have every colour or size of a product on our shelves. Keep an eye out for these posts on our Facebook page or contact us at to be put on our contact list.


We offer MUTTLUKS SNOW MUSHERS BOOTS and HOTT DOGGERS! Snow Mushers are great at protecting your pets’ paws from the cold, snow, ice, and salt. They are also highly recommended as protection for older dogs who drag their paws and/or need some extra traction in the house. Hott Doggers provide light-duty paw protection with a non-skid vinyl sole to provide traction on smooth surfaces. They can be worn indoors and outdoors but are not waterproof. However, they are available in “Itty Bitty” size. We will continue to add to our Muttluks products so keep an eye out for your favourite products.